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Why Free Stats and Counters Are Useless!

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Using a free counter in today's day and age is a complete waste of time for you and your website.  That is if you plan to make money with your website.  Why on earth would you want to only know how many people hit your site.  It's amazing how many people still get hyped up by marketing websites and directories boasting their web stats numbers.  We get 100,000 hits per month!  Wow that's impressive, now tell me how much money you made?  Where did your conversions come from?  How much time do they spend on your pages?  What keywords are converting for you?  You see, most people can't even tell you this information and it doesn't have to be this way.

 Free Web Stats Confused

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Big Brother is Watching You

You can be your own big brother on your own website, and you can't do that with a free hit counter.  Free web stats programs tell you limited information and nothing substantial that will help you make better internet marketing decisions.  What you want to know is more detailed information about your web visitors and what keywords and referral sources are working for you and producing revenue.

Below lets talk about an internet marketing case study.  Lets use the example of a website/company that sells web analytic software.  Makes sense since we are talking about free stats programs and counters.

Web Analytics  vs Free Web Stats

The information you are about to read here can be applied to any business and it will explain the difference between free statistics counters and web analytics.

The objective of website analytic company ABC is to generate leads for their inbound sales force so that they can follow up with sales prospects and sell them a full web analysis software package.

If company ABC chose to use a free stats counter they would be getting limited data, how many hits, maybe unique visitors, browser info, country and region demographics, search terms and referring websites, page views and maybe a bit more.  This is all nice to know info but company ABC is spending money on a pay per click campign with overture, another one with google and they are linked onto some web analytic software directories.  When a potential prospect fills out a contact form they need to know what search terms are getting them leads and then what terms actually resulted in sales.

Stop Guessing and Make Intelligent Business Decisions

Website Analytics are the way of the future, they tell you so much about your online business.  Cut online campaigns that aren't prodcuing for you and increase those that are.  Replace your free counter button with a proper set of tools that will help your business grown online.  Track your ROI, and really learn about what makes your business tick. 

Web Analytics Software is a service that provides free information and resources to find web related information to help companies that market online for profit.  If your website is just a hobby and you do not plan on making money from it, free stats an web counter buttons will be fine.



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