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Many cosmetic dentists are facing dramatic decreases in production due to the recent financial crisis.  People are holding on to their funds more than ever and its harder to get thd party financing for those that are wanting to commit. 

We think we'll all have to work a bit harder to make the same income.  Don't let your personal status as the big time cosmetic dentist in your area bankrupt you.  Cutting marketing expenses is not ideal because you still need the phone to ring to generate new patients.  Cut unecessary person expenses if possible to free up more money for marketing and growing your practice through tough economic times.  You'll have to reach more prospects to get the same results.

The formula for success in any dental marketing campaign is very simple.

Forumla For Dental Marketing Success

The formula is very simple yet very few dentists every achieve their financial goals. 

Would you like to be in the top 1% of Dentists in the country?

If your answer is yes, would it make sense to deal with a marketing consultant or service that would provide services to the other 99%?


Would it make sense to work with a dental marketing consultant that would work exclusively with your practice in your given market?

There is really no right or wrong answer to the questions above because there isn't enough information to make a decision.  The question that is missing is simple. 

Is the dental marketing consultant you are going to be working with currently helping other dentists that are where you want to be?

Are they producing the kind of income you would like to earn? Work the kind of hours you want to keep? and Doing the type of dentistry you want to perform?  If the answer is yes, then they are probably a good fit for your practice. 

Direct dental marketing takes on many forms such as: direct mail pieces, magazines, radio marketing, television advertising and of course Internet dental marketing.

Our dental marketing consulting firm uses the Internet as the main driver for new patients and cosmetic dentistry leads.  We employ a varriety of Internet dental marketing techniques to generate new propective patients seeking fee for service cosmetic dentistry treatment.

Dental Consulting Services Include:

- How to elminate 'no shows' and have better prescreened patients come through your doors through better phone skills.

- How to respond to email inquiries, what to say and what NOT to say

- How to decorate your dental practice, what you should put on the walls, coffee tables, in the operatories and how to send supportive subliminal messages.

- How to use technology to save more time and be more productive.

- What services you absolutely must be offering in your practice, branded and non branded.

- How to demand more money per veneer through better training and customer service. 

Plus much more.

If you are seeking a dental marketing consultant backed by an incredible techonology team with proven results, give us a call.  Your first phone call is complimentary. 

We look foward to helping you grow a thriving and profitable cosmetic dentistry practice through our innovative, straight forward approach to dental marketing.

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