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Video is everywhere now and its starting to appear on websites all over the Internet.  Interactive video websites that is.  There are many different types of video website services out there.  Adding a video spokesperson to your website seems to be the most popular with the least amount of financial commitment on your part.  Adding a video spokesperson to your website does put it in the classification of Interactive Video Website.  However, its the entry level video option that has already become a "Me Too"  product.  Products that just about everyone and their uncle are selling on the Internet to businesses and website owners to make your site stand out from the rest. 

There's no question that adding a video spokesperson or actor to your website will do that, but it has its limitations.  What are those limitations?  Well, no different that adding an addition to your house, adding video to your exisiting website with a few lines of code will limit the amount of creativity you could use to truly make your website stand out from the rest and gain more sales, higher conversions and increased leads.

Many web and video production companies are jumping on the video revolution bandwagon, so its important to understand how to hire a company that builds and sells Interactive Video Websites.  Here are some questions to ask:

1: What kind of Internet marketing services can you provide us once the videos are on our website?  This question is very important from a result standpoint.  If you want to grow with this new Video website you want to make sure the company building it has marketing other products and services through the search engines successfully. Remember organic / natural search engine marketing is a completely different skill set than Pay Per Click Marketing.  Make sure you see examples of their high rankings on competitive search terms in multiple markets. Ask for references.

2: Do I own the videos that you place on my website and can I host them on my own server?
There are many options for getting interactive videos on your website.  The first is were the company has a video website spokesperson / actor deliver your message for you and then they give you a few lines of code to place on your existing website.  They host the videos and you pay a fee for the hosting that goes naturally higher as there are more page views on your website.   Ask the company if you own the videos they filmed on your behalf, you may find out you don't and that's something to consider.

3: Who comes up with the creative and scripts for my video website?
Some companies have you come up with the scripting and that may not always be the best idea.  If you already have a winning sales pitch down you probably are better supplying your own video website spokesperson.  Look at the companies sales experience and see if they can development a pitch for you.  It will increase your results and save lots of your time.

If you won't to learn more about Interactive Video Websites, video editing, production and search engine marketing contact Web Video Production.  They are a full service Video Website Production company that can design, program and market your video website. 

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