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This Lead Qualification information is brough to you by Leadqual - the Internet lead scrubbing specialists.

Many people are talking about Internet 2.0 – the next generation.  Not to be left out, I’ll let you know my take.  Internet 1.5 was all about lead generation.  A slew of companies were formed in the late 1990’s to drive traffic and leads, most notably of these is Google.  Everyone now knows where to find leads, but what companies now lack is the appropriate infrastructure and business know-how to convert those leads to closed transactions. 

Hence, my take on I 2.0 is all about lead qualification and lead conversion.  First, a few important pieces of information. 

• The average consumer visits 4+ web sites and completes 3 different lead forms for the same product.  That means exclusivity is a myth.
• Consumers are twice as likely to choose the first service provider who they talk to

Therefore, if the consumer is filling out three lead forms, you have to beat your competitors on the response.  This introduces the last nasty issue surrounding Internet leads.  Leads generated from the Internet have a low lead conversion rate.  Inside sales forces typically don’t like these leads because only 1 in a 100 close.  Marketing departments justify the lead generation because they say that even with low close rates, there is still significant return on the media spend if those leads are converted.

Lead Scrubbing, Lead Qualification and Lead Conversion

LeadQual’s solution is to perform a lead scrubbing process to qualify and help convert these Internet leads to closed sales.  LeadQual’s iTeam responds to each and every in-bound Internet leads with an out-bound telephone call within seconds of the potential customer submitting their lead.  Our iTeam representative then qualifies the lead and, if the potential customer meets the pre-defined lead qualification criteria, conferences in your sales representative via a live bridge.  Therefore, your sales force will be talking to qualified and ready to transact customers within minutes of the customer filling out the lead form.  We find that this process can double your lead conversion rates, makes your sales force much more appreciative of the leads (since we screen out the bad leads, the leads transferred to your sales force are high quality), and the customer is delighted by the quick response.

In addition, our clients have a password protected My-LeadQual Lead Center where they can view, monitor and measure the activity of every lead.  LeadQual’s proprietary lead scrubbing and lead qualification system will improve your conversion and allow you to best your competition.

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