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When a patient is seeking a cosmetic dentist to place veneers they look for experience.  So it makes sense that a dentist or business manager of a dental practice search for a pay per click management company should do the same.  We manage pay per click accounts for dentists across the nation.  Managing overture or google ad words is a simple process in a non competitive market, however being successful in your pay per click marketing in the cosmetic space is a different story.  It takes years of experience to become a true ppc management expert.

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Attract Fee for Service Patients from PPC Advertising for Dentists

Getting dental search keywords accepted is the first step towards generating targeted traffic and ultimately acquiring new fee for service patients.  The following steps are necessary to generate profitable business. Bidding the right amount so your ad budget is not spent unecessarily, measuring the roi and tracking the keywords that convert is the next step. 

PPC management companies that target cosmetic dentists do so by stating they will gurantee top placement in the engines for certain keywords they know will make you excited and some will charge a flat rate for these few select words.  The problem is the keywords that they gurantee have very low frequency and therefore you will not get right amount of traffic.

Enough Talking about PPC Marketing for Dentists

We manage google ad words and overture "yahoo search marketing" accounts for dentists and have been doing so for 5 plus years.

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