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If you are searching for PPC bid management services you probably have tried to do it on your own already and realized that to be really successful is a full time business and requires professional analysis of your pay per click campaign to get any measureable results. The author has been doing payperclick marketing from the very beginning when was a new phenomenon.  Click throughs for real estate search terms back then cost .01 cents then the minimum became .05 cents, then it went to .10 in Overture now Yahoo search marketing.  Boy how times have changed.  Now the same search terms that we were paying pennies for now cost $5 $6  $7 a click. 

How can you make pey per click marketing pay off.  Simple get hundreds if not thousands of relative search terms in your acccount, not just the high volume search terms because your ad budget will be eaten up in days.  You see there are a lot of marketers that do pay per click that don't know what they are doing and bid unessarily high on terms that don't convert.  this happens for many reasons.  Some do not have a web analytics program to track sales and leads, so they end up guessing at what is working and what isn't.  Others just get caught up in the ego of being number 1 instead of making smart business decisions.  Think about it, you probably wonder how some people continue to pay and huge click through cost month in month out.  Eventually they end up off the ppc wagon.

The Key To PPC Success

Get multiple relevant search terms accepted and bid on each one separately instead of broad matching a search term that has a high click through cost.  You end up paying far more money for the broad matched terms than they are worth. Don't get me wrong this is an excellent method of increasing your traffic and getting targeted search terms but the pricing is not in your favor.  That's why good old fashioned work will always get you better results.  Dig for search terms that are relative using search term suggestion tools offered by overture, google and and even more advanced search word tracking tool like  It is by far the most advanced search term suggestion software that is on the market.

Keeping Up With Bid Changes

PPC bid management is worth it if you do not have extra time to adjust bids on a dialy basis or if you would rather concentrate on what you do best and leave the marketing management to professionals who have done this for years and know all the tricks of the trade. 

Biggest Mistake Rookie PPC Marketers Make 

Concentrating to much on the high volume search terms.  You will end up paying 10x the cost for clicks and most mikely lose the bidding wars unless you can multiple monetize your search traffic.  Then what rookies do is try to find some search engine marketing company to get them high in natural or organic search for these terms.  Another mistake because in most cases you are competing with sites that have a lot more history and power than yours and you will end up spending thousands of dollars before you get results.  And even once you get there the algorithms change constantly. 

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