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You've recently googled your name or company name and found negative publicity on a review website or complaint website like the ripoff report.  What do you do to protect your reputation from this negative publicity? Well a good defence is a great offence.  With our help you can remove negative publicity and information from the first page of Google by creating positive pages about you or your company on many other poweful websites.  Call it reverse search engine optimization or complaint defence protection.  Removing your nme from the Internet is usually not possible if the content is on someone elses website so the best way to remove negative information from the net is to bump it out of site and onto the second page or at least have more positive content all over the first page so it overshadows the negative posting.

Lets face it, there are mean vindictive people out there that take pride is destroying other peoples great reputations for a variety of reasons. We can help you remove defamatory content from the Internet by multiple  optimizing your name and/or brand so that we achieve top rank. If you are losing sleep over the negative postings on the Internet, you are not alone there are millions of individuals and companies going through the same thing.  There are three options regarding negative information on the Internet.  The first is live with it, the second is hire a lawyer and sue the for defamation or three, be a better search engine marketer for your name and bump the bad press of the first page of Google.  The first option is definitely not one for someone who wants to remove negative content / publicity from the Internet.  The second option could cost you tens of thousands of dollars and not win, the third option will still cost money but you are at the very least guranteed to have more positive press on the first page and in the best case scenario bump the ripoff report type website posting off the first page.

Ripoff complaints can have a adverse affect on your sales and business and so can negative publicity and information in review type websites.  Although review websites have there rules and regulation, terms of use, there is nothing preventing a competitor, ex girlfriend/boyfriend, ex employee, irate psycho customer from creating a yahoo or hotmail account and fake name and posting all kinds of negative information about you and your business.  So the answer to the question? How to get a rip-off report removed from google, the internet and eleswhere.  Hire us to take up more Internet real estate on the first page of the search engines with positive press. For more information about removal of negative publicity from the Internet contact us today for a no obligation consultation.  Please be aware that we look at each case individually and do not remove negative content for all inquiries that we receive.

Remove Negative publicity, information and postings from RipOff report type websites and forum postings. Deleting negative press by better optimizing your name / or brand.  Also known as brand identity protection.

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