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Welcome to our world of SEO in Toronto where results and ROI are what drive decisions.  Search engine optimization is such a broadly used term and we have seen so many companies jumping on the band wagon, scrambling to improve their search engine rankings, they come to us with a list a keywords they want to be found under and think it is the solution to their businesses future success.  SEO can be a very successful form of marketing for any business but should be done with education first.  

Your Typical Toronto SEO Company Will ask you what top search terms you want to be optimized for, then they will use some wordtracking software to generate some more search terms that are relative to your business.  Making money online with search engine marketing goes way beyond targeting search terms.  Many of you may be doing pay per click marketing and think the natural or organic search engine marketing is the answer to reducing your high pay per click costs. 

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Natural SEO can reduce pay per click costs in the long run but not necesarily in the short term.  Good search engine optimization can take 6-12 months to kick in and in most cases you have to spend money up front before you see a return.  This is all fine but make sure the SEO firm knows how to analyze results and get the best conversion rates possible.  You can make a slight design change to your webpage and get 10x the results!

Important Info for Toronto SEO Seekers !

Beware of hiring an SEO firm that is just technical, there are so many tech heads out there, no offence to any of our competitors or to anyone that has superior technical skills, but technical skills alone will not be enough to be successful in today's day and age.  There is far too much competition today for search engine positioning than in years past and therefore its important to hire a full service SEO company in Toronto to get the best results. After all its return on investment that you want isn't it?  Not just rankings.  Toronto SEO companies that outsource web design etc. lose control over your project make sure that the bulk of the brain power is in house, that makes sure everything gets tied together for your success. 

Toronto SEO Success Secrets

Everyone has their own methodologies when it comes to high search engine ranking. Some seo firms are very good a natural or organic search engine placement and some are better at PPC advertising and in some cases full service firms are great at both.  Remember these elements before making a decision on your SEO firm in Toronto.

Sellable Product or Service - Even if you have high search engine rankings, that doesn't mean you are going to be successful, amke sure your product or service is competitive.  Your competition on the web may be far different than in traditional media circles, look at your offer compare to the competition, what is your unique selling point.

Good Web Page DesignDesigning a web page for new customer acquisition or sales is completely different than one for your image.  Remember a properly designed web page can increase results 10 x without even changing the level of traffic on your site.  Design the site with your specific intent in mind.

Web Analytics in Place - Make sure you have a good web analytics program in place so that you can make marketing decisions based on results and fact rather than guessing at what's working. 

Listen More than You Talk - We cannot tell you how many times we get these grandiose web marketing ideas and opinions from people who have never made profit from the web.  Its actually entertaining, but sad if they are the people employed by you to make marketing decisions for your company. We have been profitably marketing our own products and services on the web long before we ever opened our doors to the public.  Before you make a comment about SEO make sure you have the fruit on the tree to back up your statements. We do.

Sales Sales Sales Sales At the end of the day remember what make the world go round.  Sales.  We see it time and time again, companies get lead after lead after lead and forget how to sell or don't know how to sell.  Learn how to sell and you will increase your ROI dramatically. We have sales minds that have sold all kinds of products and that brain power can help you sell more or your product over service on the web.

Toronto Organic SEO and Pay Per Click Management Services

We offer both organic or natural search engine marketing services along with pay per click management for Overture ( yahoo search marketing ) and set up and management for the google ad words program. 

Our Toronto SEO company has clientele from all around the world.  Many clients searching locally for a search engine optimization firm in Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Barrie, Newmarket, Oshawa, Vaughan and Woodbridge end up using our Toronto seo services. Just as you do not hire all web marketing firms we do not accept all clients.  We believe in win win long term relationships.

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