Templated Websites

There are thousands of website templates to choose from on the Internet.  Yahoo site builder and so on and so on.  They all give you some form of self control over your website so you don't have to rely on a webmaster to make the changes.

The Advantages of Templated Websites / Self Serve Web Sites

1. Self control over changes to your website is obviously the biggest plus.  Sometimes changes need to happen immediately and unless you are the only customer of the web development company, you are going to have to go into the cue to get your changes done. Self control is a big advantage with a templated website

2. Affordability -  generally speaking templated websites are more affordable because the design work is already established and all you are doing is filling in the blanks with your content. 

There are some other advantages but affordability and self control are the two biggest advantages with a templated website.

The Disadvantages

With most templated designs you still need to be somewhat tech saavy.  We have seen many people get the templated website software through some very reputable companies and never get there site of the ground.  Why?  Well lots of reasons, it takes time and thought to create a great website, it also takes some technical knowledge to use the software and work around the bugs.

Templated websites also have their limitations and some are not search engine friendly. 

We have developed the world's easiest templated website and programmed it for the real world.  Its as simple as using microsoft word and will get your message across.  The pages you create are search engine friendly.

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