Viral Marketing Needs Shock, Humor and Creativity

Holy moly, what a a great example of a viral. Oprah's Flash Mob Dance with the black eyed peas.This is crazy an entire audience breaks out in an orchestrated dance in Chicago surprising Oprah and creating shock value.  The reason is goes viral is because its not normal to have thousands of people in an outside concert type venue break out in to a choreographed dance.  Check it out on Youtube below.

This next viral video is one of the best examples of a large budget video production with babies rollerskating, jumping on fences, hopping people etc. its marketing value can;t be beat millions and millions of people have seen this well produced viral video involving humor, special effects, green screen and more. See this viral video below.

Things to think about when making a viral video.
- is your video humorous? does it make people laugh?
- does your production have any shock in it, videos that are shocking get passed around.
- is it well produced? both raw and professional produced videos have great effects but nothing beats a well though out creative viral video.
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