Web Site Analysis

Why Web Analytics Programs Don't Work?

Now that's a bold statement isn't it?  They do work well if you know how to use them. Be careful where you get your information from.  If someone is offering a free web site analysis, don't be afraid to ask them about their track record and history on making money on the Internet.  Often what makes logical sense doesn't necessarily mean it will work well on the web.  Sometimes the ugliest of websites have the best conversion rates and make the most money.

The analysis of  a website is a full time business, don't kid yourself.  Web analytics software works if you work them.  It all comes down to your level of commitment to web marketing and making it work.  It provides enormous potential for fast growth when used properly but you will have to spend money and learn what works and what doesn't.  That's what makes web site analytics so fun.  You can be sending traffic to your website through 100 simple keyprhrases through Yahoo search marketing or Google ad words.  Lets say you are getting 1 sale a day.  The question is, "What term got me the sale?"  That's where web analytics come into play.  You can place code on your commerce pages and it will tell you what term was searched that resulted in the sale.  Powerful information, you may have 100 keyphrases but after some time you find out only about 15 of those terms bring sales, so why keep bidding high on key phrases that don't result in sales. 

Web analytics can save your money.  free stat counters are really useless from a business standpoint, they tell you nothing other than visits.  Wouldn't you rather know.

Where did my unique visitors come from?

What search engines are bringing me my traffic?

How long are people spending on my pages?

Are they getting to my buy now page?

What search term converts the best?

How much am I spending on a particular search word?

What's my website ROI?

Web Site Analysis

A good website analysis starts with knowing what your objectives are?  Do you want leads that your sales people can follow up with?  Do you want people to buy and product  or service right away?  Once you know some of these questions it becomes easier to map out a blueprint for your web success.  Know your objectives first.

Once you have established your web objectives you must a web site analysis program in problem, website statistics drive your web marketing decisions and will save you thousands of dollars.  Again, if you know how to use them.  ROI is extremely important and can only be known when you have a tracking program in place.  There will always be some grey area but for the most part you will know what works and what doesn't.  Web site design can have a huge bearing on results.  Moving a contact form button from the left to the right from the top to the bottom can jump results 10 fold.  So when you ake a change on your website, get a web site analysis done by a pro first and learn from them so you can do it yourself.

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